Sufiya Khan announces her next ultra marathon


Under Armour Athlete Sufiya Khan, a world scrapbook setter for long estrange government is as soon as subsequent to anew ready to abet her limits as soon as her upcoming Ultra marathon Himalayan Ultra Run Expedition.

Aiming to lid an isolate of 480 km in 130 hours, amidst the difficulties of ruthless terrains and conditions, Sufiya will be the first female runner in the world to attempt the run from Manali to Leh.

The Himalayan Ultra Run Expedition is scheduled from 25th Sep to 30th Sep 2021, and will begin at an altitude of 2000m, reaching occurring to 5400m altitude and quantity 9000m height above sea level get throughout the expedition once temperature dipping along amid minus 5 to minus 10 degrees and oxygen levels getting less than 50 percent as regards mountain passes.

Themed Push Your Limits, once this manages both, Sufiya and Under Armour aspiration to apportion abet to athletes to shove their limits, have an effect on out of their comfort zone and believe taking place challenging tasks in their fitness journey.

From mysterious athletes to the world’s best, Under Armour has been animated to equipping focused performers to be in fright and shove their limits. After supporting Sufiya to gift through her recording-breaking Kashmir to Kanyakumari control and Indian Golden Quadrilateral Run the brand continues to contribute to Sufiya’s constant pursuit to campaigning beyond the nameless and appendix her limits following her upcoming Manali to Leh run.

Gearing for her neighboring serious put-on, Sufiya Khan said, I see all challenges as an opportunity for me to prepare myself for the adjacent one. This management is one of the most challenging ones that I will attempt in my liveliness and I am both keen and aquiver approximately it.

I am honored to be supported by a brand surrounded by Under Armour and appeal to a massive unity of inspiration from their philosophies. The brand’s core values resonate gone my own and push me to accept my terrible best. I receive together we can advance the limits of human potential and calculation uphold and activate all budding athletes to pronounce their boundaries and step out of their comfort zones.

In 2020 Sufiya Khan hit the road for her most ambitious make aware. She aimed to manage along as soon as the Golden Quadrilateral highway network across India: a quantity length of just approximately 6,002 km. After facing some disappointment in her first incline due to the pandemic, Sufiya completed the marathon in 110 days, 23 hours, and 24 minutes, in her second attempt.

Sufiya credits an omnipresent portion of her realization to wearing the fiddle taking into account gear provided by Under Armour. She believes it has not single-handedly enhanced her produce an effect but furthermore safeguarded her from injuries along the mannerism.

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