Sunfeast pasta increases range: Dhoni onboard


Post World War II because of the shortage of food in Japan, an inventor turned traditional Ramen into instant noodles, which then spread to other parts of Asia and other parts of the globe. And that’s the invention story of instant noodles. Instant noodle has been one favorite food that’s been accepted throughout the globe.

This so called food , instant noodle is primarily an Asian thing, which is additionally preferred in many other places, like Poland and Finland. there’s a serious competition between the assembly company when it involves instant noodles. One such giant is that the ITC Sunfeast Yippee. ITC is the largest brand, known for its atta, ghee, and spices which has sales of Rs 5,000 crore, further consolidating its position mutually of the most important brands within the country’s packaged food segment.

Within noodles, Yippee is the second largest brand with about 22% market share, trailing Nestle Maggie which is almost thrice as big. There are several packs with plenty of creative containers. Yippee has several flavors that might attract all types of individuals and meet their needs. This has made them mark their standard within the market. The country’s instant noodle market is currently worth Rs 4,100 crore, and its been growing. This ultimately shows the preference and wish for the shoppers. This organization didn’t stop there, further increased its product familiarity by introducing the famous cricket icon, MS Dhoni.

There was a recent advertisement that involved a young woman and MS Dhoni which ultimately resulted in product improvisation and brand development. This advertisement company showcases the delightful experiences of consuming Sunfeast Yippee’s six delicious pasta variants, offering the convenience of instant preparation. To further amplification is completed supported the active campaign on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The Chief Creative Officer, Mahesh Bharat stated, “Through our social media listening, we found that customers are experimenting with dishes reception. Amongst all, pasta recipes are quite popular of which pictures were extensively being shared on social media platforms. The company identifying with the topicality of the chatter, they thought this to be a perfect time to indicate the consumers how they’ll drive the advantages of taste and convenience of preparation with Sunfeast Yippee.

Talking about the TVC it runs across popular GEC channels within the country in six languages including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Bengali.


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