Swiggy StatEATstics 2020 allows users to trace their personal ordering behavior


The latest 5th version of Swiggy’s annual report shows that, StatEATstics gave our consumers a lowdown of what India ordered in the year 2020. This year’s edition additionally noticed the release of a brand-new characteristic at the Swiggy app, in which customers may get a glimpse of their personal Swiggy trips of 2020.

This year has been a difficult year which examined the patience, grit and determination which has been the backbone of the worldwide population is a fact. The year, however, did have a silver lining – meals.

From experimenting with banana bread, to whipping up scrumptious Dalgona coffee – from homemade pani puris to highly spiced Chole Bhature, Indians took break day from their work from home woes, donned their cooking hats and aprons and cooked up a mess all over their kitchens during this lockdown.

Others, who had been no longer precisely enthused with the concept of cooking their personal meals ordered online. And for such people who didn’t allow lockdown deter their cravings, Swiggy has been available online on a click.

Swiggy’s StatEATstics noticed that Indians ordered Biryani in every two seconds. The delicious chicken Biryani has reassured its region as India’s favorite dish. Over three lakh customers made their Swiggy debut with a chicken Biryani.

The eating tables did double duty – they acted as workstations from nine am to five pm, and as well as eating tables for the relaxation of the day. With a majority of India’s population working from home, Swiggy discovered that the range of orders located at ‘Home’ addresses had been 9 times that of these compared at ‘Work’ addresses.

The records is been visualised through witty interpretations like – as how many time they skipped ‘washing bartan’ because of ordering in how much of distance their delivery partners did covered to make those deliveries, to overall savings made by user when done most of the orders online.

While this lets in customers to take a experience down memory lane and revisit how they ordered their meals, it additionally gets customers to make all their communication to their social media profiles.


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