Tally Solutions believes in purpose-driven marketing, says CMO Jayati Singh


Tally Solutions is a three-year-old legacy providing business software solutions to small and medium enterprises. Founded by Bharat Goenka and Shyam Sunder Goenka at a time when accounting was a manual job, Tally turned it into a seamless computer program with a mission to make life easier for smaller businesses. Jayati Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Tally, gives us an insight into the future of the company, its marketing strategies, and how it keeps client data safe.

In terms of marketing and advertising, how have things evolved from what they were before? Are there any campaigns you’re looking forward to right now?

Tally’s journey initially focused on what we can do below the line because it wasn’t the age of smartphones and the internet. Like events on the ground, educational programs on the ground, and the like. It wasn’t until around 2017 that we did our first TV commercial. From a business perspective, we’ve always felt that experiential marketing is what will make us. There will be a lot of products that will do accounting or inventory management and things like that. The thing that sets Tally apart is the experience of using it (the software) a user experience of simplicity and things just happening in flow.

 For example: In Tally, if you want to enter a date, you can enter it in any format, 3rd May, 3rd May, or 3rd May, unlike other software and it will accept it. That’s experiential marketing. In the last few years, their focus on digital marketing, influencer marketing, and partner and customer marketing has increased manifold. In addition to campaigns, we have certain regular activities that run continuously. So, our connection on the ground with customers, events, through exhibitions continues 3

65 days. To give an example, in 2017, 27th June was declared International MSME Day. In 2019, when I joined, we did our first campaign around Champions of Growth. It wasn’t about making a movie you know it was about recognizing, celebrating, and thanking MSME. We held events where we invited businesses to partner with some associations and we talked not only about business but also about their health and well-being. It was more purposeful marketing. There are many things we do online because customers are very clever and extra tech-savvy these days. The entire customer decision journey is overwhelming. They can come into your decision-making at any time, you have to be present there’s a lot of educational stuff each time you get stuck you can watch the video and your problem so all the troubleshooting is taken care of. We are also trying to become a more relevant brand for the new generation of entrepreneurs and to be in touch with them.

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