The bananas are missing but Alpenliebe knows where they are


Alpenliebe, the candy emblem from Perfetti Van Melle India, has released its new product, the Alpenliebe Cream Banana Flavored Lollipop, designed in affiliation with the Minion franchise.

To highlight the release, the logo came up with an AR filter-out selfie microsite that turned amplified via a quirky influencer marketing campaign with mom and child influencers. Wavemaker India spearheaded the development of this creative concept, and the influencer leg was finished with the aid of Greenroom.

The logo got up here with an exciting creative concept – #WheresTheBanana to exhibit the product. The idea was set within the context that the Minions have taken the bananas and it’s now up to the influencers and their children to resolve the mystery.

Each of the influencers was given a unique project that could lead them to locate the missing bananas. Mahi, Jay, and their child, the winner through a Minion Dance Off, while Paramveer had to accomplish the Banana Heist. These engaging storylines made it fun for the visitors to remain engaged.

The big prize awaiting the influencers turned into the path of the invention of the Alpenliebe Cream Banana Flavored Lollipop that they very well enjoyed earlier than going to the microsite and the use of the AR clear out to click on a selfie with their preferred Minion. The tech innovation became seamlessly included in the influencer content material that also gave clear instructions to the audience.

Alpenliebe deployed a combination of five mother and youngster influencers for the marketing campaign. Each of the movies handed expectations in praises of overall performance as the marketing campaign universal reached 730k+ people with the movies garnering 650k+ views and 80k engagements. The fantastic and heartfelt feedback at the films contemplated the audience’s liking for this interactive campaign.

Alpenliebe candies and lollipops provide a unique product experience. The wealthy and easy milky flavor appeals to the candy tooth of each youngster and adult. Its flavor variety, splendid smooth texture, and excessive-quality packaging make Alpenliebe irresistible for everyone.

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