‘The Daily Hero’: New campaign launched by CarDekho


Personal mobility has taken on an important function as cities re-open after the lockdown. Sales of cars and bikes have seen a sharp rise owing to increased customer concern as they identify healthy and reliable means of transport.

Holding this in mind, CarDekho, India’s largest full-stack automotive technology company, has introduced its latest ‘The Daily Hero’ campaign to support the cause of personal mobility. Leo Burnett India has developed the campaign.

CarDekho acknowledges that in the present situation, driving in one’s own car feels ‘safer.’ The private car restricts your access to people by allowing you more control over your surroundings. The new advertisement reiterates these advantages by explaining how a car keeps a frontline worker secure as he responds to the call of duty and provides his family members with peace of mind at the same time, the company said.

With a heart-warming tale portraying a retired doctor who chooses to resume his service against the wishes of his family, the film highlights the essence and reliability of a healthy journey. They know that while they cannot shake the indomitable spirit of the doctor, they can make him stay healthy by buying him a car that restricts his public transport access, thus underlining the protection and safety message.

Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, CarDekho Group, spoken about the campaign, stated that the current pandemic has made a major change in consumer habits, with personal mobility being the most favoured form of commuting. As travel playing an important role in the advancement of oneself and the world, everybody wants to choose for a safe means of personal mobility.

“Besides, Rajdeepak Das, Managing Director-India & Chief Creative Officer, South Asia, Leo Burnett said,” With social distance still being of greatest priority, personal mobility plays a significant role in allowing individuals to help restore their life. Who is better to take this message forward than CarDekho, because the company has successfully built an environment that allows cars to be purchased and sold under one roof with a seamless experience.

This heart-warming film is inspired by real-life and what is even more poignant is to see the CarDekho brand owning the greater meaning of buying cars and conveying a true storey of Humanity.


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