The epidemic is a boon to women.


We have always recognized and rewarded women managers and leaders in a variety of sectors at Adgully. W-SUITE is an Adgully program that has been highlighting some of the most inspiring female leaders in the M&E, Advertising & Marketing, PR & Communication industries. We want to know how women leaders have managed their teams and work, as well as how they have navigated through the harshest and most challenging periods brought on by the worldwide epidemic, in the renovated series.
Elisha Saigal, Founder, and CEO of El Sol Strategic Consultants (ESSC) is a visionary entrepreneur with nearly two decades of expertise. She founded her company to provide all-round solutions for brands, and she believes in leading with responsibility so that team members are encouraged to grow individually as well as professionally. Elisha Saigal talks to Adgully about how women are born with multitasking talents, the epidemic and evolution of industries, lessons she’s learned as a woman leader, and more. which shows that even in the difficult times we can turn things in our favor.
What role and breadth do you believe women leaders have expanded in the post-pandemic world?
Women have made significant progress two years into the COVID-19 epidemic, particularly in high leadership positions. This is a positive sign that deserves to be celebrated after such trying times. Women are more “people-oriented,” more focused according to numerous studies, and spend more time developing and teaching other leaders in their organization.
In the workplace and beyond, there is an obvious need for further knowledge and compassion, and women leaders are clearly the main source of these vital attributes.
We at ESSC have consciously taken on brands led by women founders throughout the years in order to help them expand their business and brand value. It gives me great pleasure to watch a number of my former El Souls become female company entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, transferring the baton of female empowerment and strengthening our tribe.
How have you been navigating through the COVID-19 times, with the quick change to digital, an uncertain economic backdrop, treading unknown waters, and working from home? In the new normal, how do you preserve work-life balance?

Covid-19 has expedited digital change across all industries, and practically every employment will require some level of digital skills and fluency in the post-Covid-19 economy. women proved that they can take after every aspect of life with equal concentration. The pandemic, in my opinion, has been a fantastic teacher, putting El Sol Strategic Consultants in a stronger position than we were in pre-pandemic. ESSC’s short-term goals, for the time being, for the time being, include working with home-grown brands, and ensuring they have a 360-degree vision and other necessities. However, having data-driven strategies and go-to-market services all under one roof sets us apart from the competition. To do what we do, takes a village, and none of it would be possible without the teams who make it all happen. We advocate work-life balance at ESSC.
Women leaders performed better during the COVID-19 crisis, according to multiple research. According to you, what makes women work so efficiently?

  • Maintain Your Authenticity
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Take short breaks
  • genuine listener
  • Be a problem-solver
    How can organizations effectively develop and groom women leaders in difficult times?
    There are a variety of approaches for businesses to close gaps and assist women to grow in their jobs. everyone should be treated as a person. Second, the regulations must be the same for everyone. Third, women must support and uplift one another, and last, women should be given leadership responsibilities and decision-making authority.

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