The new ad to bring smile to the consumers by Happydent


Happydent has released its latest ad which shows a bright shining smile that shows a meaningful role of an enabler that triggers thoughtfulness. It has taken the high voltage smile narrative to a different level of fun combined with thoughtfulness. Since the brand’s last TVC was aired 10 years ago the world has changed a lot. There is an enormous change in our lives as we know it. Nowadays we give less consideration to softer human’s virtue of simple goodness. Due to this Happydent has decided to shine their bright sparkling light on this nuance, and has put its messages around the everyday situation that we face in life.

The ad shows a packed public transport, in the middle of it a lady politely asks two men to vacate the ladies seat which they denied the lady. Seeing this, another two youngsters decided to help, they consumed Happydent and flash their shining smile on the ‘Ladies Seat’ sign marked over the assigned seat. The bright smile plays a role of unification for all the passengers to do something good and we can see those two men sheepishly getting up from a wrongfully occupied seat. The tag line of this ad is that ‘Dikha Battissi Kar Baat Achhi Si’ encompasses within it, the heart of the message the brand wishes to highlight-that of goodness with a smile. The poet, CEO, and CCO of McCann Worldgroup India, Prasoon Joshi commented that the new TVC is a progression compared to the previous campaign.

Mr. Prasoon Joshi commented about the ad Happydent is one of those brands that have nurtured and partnered since it was launched in India. They have connected with customers through different creative Ideas in their journey. It is also a positive effect that there are always high expectations around Happydent’s communication and with this recent one they are hoping that it would connect with the audience. Managing director of Perfetti Van Melle India, Rajesh Ramakrishnan said that Happydent has always brought a smile on everyone by their funny and easy communication which is centered around the benefits of a shiny and bright smile. The brand plays a more meaningful role in the consumers’ lives in this new campaign which is an extension of the philosophy that they believe in. This TVC has kept full justice for the brand proposition.   


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