The new Sociowash hiring campaign introduces drawings with fewer features


With positions open to all different tiers, Sociowash plans to grow their team with more than 50 openings in all aspects. Founded in 2015, Sociowash is currently one of the leading visual groups in the country.

After working with two hundred plus producers and a hundred and thirty plus working participants throughout Delhi and Mumbai, Sociowash is making significant progress. The agency is currently committed to expanding its team at all levels and departments.

In a business where ‘viral’ and ‘getting a lot of eyeballs’ are important when it comes to organizing content for producers, Sociowash has done well equal to their most recent hiring campaign. The creators are simple, practical and whether you no longer want the process or not, they make you want to work here.

Commenting on the mass recruitment marketing campaign, Pranav Agarwal, founder of Sociowash said, “As an innovative center, we are excited about the impact we have been having. After working with producers like Tinder, Nykaa, Voot, Hero Lectro & Zomato to name a few, and align with our growth path, we needed more than just normal publishing to get hired.  

That’s when we decided to move forward in an unusual way like we did back in 2017 and it made a good sound and it worked well for us. This marketing campaign, for us, is like going back to the roots.

We have taken this opportunity to present a glimpse of our business lifestyle, build a benchmark, and ways to try and attract satisfying creative creativity at the same time. To keep in mind our long-term boom plan, seek to do more in every way, regardless of the size of our group or the variety of customers.

There may be other ways and desires and that is just the beginning of it. Sociowash’s ingenuity has benefited many producers where their campaigns have not only been outstanding but have also won numerous awards in a few classes. This campaign is another proof of their craft.

Sociowash measures time and if there is a good time to get in the cart, that time has come now. If you are a smart person like their recruitment marketing campaign or you want to grow within the establishment phase, it is probably your COMPANY.

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