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The Covid-19 epidemic came to be associated with the term “disruption.” Brands could no longer get their message through using a linear approach. By learning, adapting, and recreating themselves, they were able to let go of fixed patterns of thinking.

Vineet R Ahuja, managing director and lead of consumer, sales, and service at Accenture India, spoke with Campaign India on how to develop brand trust and how consumer attitudes have shifted throughout the pandemic. , as well as how Accenture approaches customisation.

Excerpts that have been edited: What are the most important aspects to consider when it comes to re-invention? While most people talk about putting the client first, businesses prefer to put the product first. You must comprehend the customer in its whole, and the best way to do so is not through research, because what a customer says and what he or she does are two very different things.

Put yourself in the position of a customer and then give an innovative solution. The significance of pure consumer centricity is taught to us by the digital natives. We must take notes from them. Instead than thinking of a transaction while introducing anything new, consider the experience.

Consumers who wish to buy something over the internet may want to seek advice or chat with someone. Unboxing a new phone, for example, is a memorable experience. The list goes on and on. . Every interaction with a customer has the potential to be an adventure.

However, if the consumer has the same experience online as they would offline, trust, convenience, comprehension, and experience all increase. These efforts then result in increased conversions. As a result, all encounter is a win-win situation.

The buying experience will be enjoyable for the customer, and it will benefit the vendor. What has changed in consumer values since the pandemic? , and what new rising trends have you noticed among your linked brands? The demand for specific categories and channels has shifted, as we’ve seen.

Health, immunity goods, hygiene, and anything connected to comfort, such as athleisure clothes, are all gaining popularity. Purchases have increased on internet channels and in local stores. These two sub-channels are being accelerated even more.

When it comes to omnichannel, there is a higher level of enforcement as well as a higher expectation of personalization. What tactics does Accenture employ for its clients in India when it comes to personalization and consumer engagement?

A renaissance of experience is taking place all around us. Companies that focus their entire organization—the C-Suite, all functions, and every employee—on creating outstanding experiences for their customers, employees, and society outperform their rivals by six times in year-over-year profitability, according to our global research.

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