There are many connotations for comfort like a relaxing physical experience on one hand and deep emotional meaning on the other. For different people may see a different meaning to the term. They are constantly throwing out ideas to reach the ultimate level of well-being even if it’s retail experience, household chores, food, office environments. A French international automotive brand, Citroen is going to launch its first car in India soon. For 100 years they have been making new creative ideas to make the vehicles more comfortable for their passengers, and their drivers. By a host of patented technologies, smart and intelligent use of materials, and design elements the comfort factors were brought alive.

When people are comfortable, they can perform very well, even if it in a car on the road or in the work. The brand commissioned a study to understand the meaning of comfort to Indians. Since it is considered that comfort in a car is a given factor, the research commissioned by Citroen India showed that this is not all true. 1,801 telephonic interviews were conducted across 10 cities (list) during October ’21 from this the findings are found, the fieldwork was conducted by Innovative Research Service. Around 92% described that they are uncomfortable while they drive to work from this nearly half of them have felt back and neck pains. 70% of them said that for long drives they don’t have enough space for the passengers and storage in their car. Incessant honking and pollution contribution have been cited by over half of the respondents to their discomfort. Nowadays the preferred mode of transport is Private car travel because of the pandemic.

About 25% of the respondents would have been comfortable in a private car for a short journey, now it has risen to 34%. Every driver and passenger have given their opinion of wanting comfort. 19% of Indians described their driving experience as horrible according to recent research. Citroën India further commented that nearly one-in-five (19%) consider commuting time ‘the most uncomfortable hours of the day’. The company’s main aim is to deliver comfortable journeys for people on the road. This is a basic necessity for enriching their quality of life, which results in the growth of personal well-being as well as productivity.

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