TheSmallBigIdea to be the new social media agency for HBO and WB in India


TheSmallBigIdea has been selected as WarnerMedia’s new social media agency for HBO and WB, the 2 big giants of English-language film channels in India.

TSBI is an agency well-known for providing marketing consulting that focuses on interactive marketing, by evolving strategies on social, digital and technological platforms.

The full-time service social media agency is entrusted with expanding reach by utilizing online media to manufacture brand awareness in new business sectors, reinforce partiality in existing business sectors through pertinent commitment and by building up an unmistakable voice to drive exposure. TheSmallBigIdea is known for its information-driven innovative methodology and comprehension of driving commitment beyond India’s metros.

TheSmallBigIdea will make confined and customized communication to fabricate the viewer’s enthusiasm inside fresher crowd socioeconomics in level 2 and 3 urban communities. Their order incorporates through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for HBO and WB, separately.

Siddharth Jain, Managing Director of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks in South Asia, stated, “TheSmallBigIdea will lift our web-based media procedure for the lively English-language diversion portfolio. HBO and WB as of now have a tremendous fan following on social media, however, with the office’s key help, inventive and information-driven methodology, WarnerMedia is taking this to the next level.”

Harikrishnan Pillai, Co-author and CEO of TheSmallBigIdea, included, “TheSmallBigIdea and the group at WB and HBO are completely adjusted to our objectives. While keeping up the current discussion with the main fans base in metros, we mean to connect and assemble another crowd base. We have detailed a market-explicit methodology, based on the rear of a portion of the world’s driving blockbusters.”

Not long ago, TheSmallBigIdea revealed a multi-language campaign for HBO to advance ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’. Focusing on India’s southern and northern expresses, the mission created discussions and drove generous commitment.

TheSmallBigIdea offers a variety of services such as advice on social media engagement, video content creation, computerized media arranging and purchasing, social tuning in and ORM related services and also the latest trend in technology services like augmented reality and virtual reality with other ancillary marketing services. Perceived for their respectability innovative tech device ‘ACE’, TheSmallBigIdea has empowered brands to show up at advertisement informing by incorporating bits of knowledge from social opinions and enterprise information.


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