Through Cloud and IoT, Tata Communication expands enterprise business


The Tata Group has improved its cloud platform and IZO services to meet the growing demand for enterprise Internet connectivity globally. This will help it gain market share in the US and Europe. Tata Communications has signed an agreement with a leading coal mining and refinery in India.  ISO will integrate information technology (IT) infrastructure, including hosting, security, and network services under the private cloud. Cloud platforms reduce technology costs, reduce hardware scalability as needed and enable customers to store and use data securely. 

AS Lakshminarayan, MD and CEO of Tata Communications said that the (Enterprise) claims are unexpectedly adopting the cloud and migrating workloads and applications from in-database data centers to the Cloud and security is an area of great concern to us. 

South Africa’s MMD Mobility and IoT (MMD) has been in collaboration with Tata Communications to provide connectivity to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and IoT service providers using Telco’s cloud platform. 

The integration of Tata Communications with the local mobile network operator in Africa will enable MVNs to provide better connectivity for MVNs to access and implement voice, data, and SMS applications.  

The company will have an eye on aviation, auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and semiconductors for the growth of mobility and IoT businesses, ICICI Securities said in a research report. 

“Tata Communications has won a few contracted airlines. Covid severely affected the airlines and carried out the execution. The company gained a few new customers at Auto OEMs, which saw some recovery.  It brings new solutions to a new category of semiconductors,” said the brokerage firm. 

“We are maintaining momentum from our enterprise business and showing a high trend We are witnessing the first signs of increasing enterprise demand, but the transition is taking longer than expected,” Lakshminarayan said. 

Tata Communications ‘enterprise segment’ revenue rose 5.3 percent to $ 22 billion in the third quarter.  It contributed 63 percent to global data revenue, up from 62 percent in the previous financial year. Revenue fell 4.1 percent year-on-year on the back of weak quarterly and higher-than-expected customer transactions.  

The company works with customers in the banking, retail, and automobile sectors in India and globally and hopes to close a few enterprise deals in the coming quarters. 

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