Times Network releases documentary on Covid-19 ‘Conflict’


Broadcast Network, Times Network releases a documentary on the Covid-19 crisis ‘Conflict‘.The two-part documentary was shot across four different cities during the lockdown episodes. Both parts narrate the stories of hardships and sufferings faced by individuals and society across the nation. It captures the difficulties faced by different Professionals for the first time ever on Indian television. The first part of the documentary ‘Conflict: Life At The Red Line’, will be released on July 18th, and the second part of the documentary ‘Conflict: touch me not’ will be aired in August.

This special two-part documentary reflects the stories of the lives of frontline warriors who are balancing their commitment to their duty with the love and care for their families and professionals from the service sector, whose jobs have been seized due to the wide impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

The documentary ‘Conflict’ is a short account of how frontline workers are facing the pandemic and shows their daily challenges, scrutiny from the public, and balancing their commitment to the duties conflicting with their love and care for their families.

The second half of the documentary, ‘Conflict: Touch Me Not’  will be aired in August. It offers a peek into the lives of service professionals, whose means of living is depended on human contact.

“A worldwide crisis, unlike any, Covid-19 outbreak, persists to disrupt, disorder the lives and revert the livelihoods of many individuals. Narrating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of a number of professionals, the two-part documentary reflects a fascinating narrative of courage, unity, and determination in our collective fight against the virus. We conclude, these stories of resilience are crucial to be told as it captures the perspectives of some of the most strong-willed lives braving the consequences of this pandemic,” says Vivek Srivastava, president, strategy and business head, news and English entertainment cluster, Times Network.

The documentary takes its viewers through the course of Mumbai’s Kammatipura, home to thousands of sex workers. To show a narrow glimpse into their lives, which has come to a dead-end during the lockdown and their daily struggles and hardships to provide for their children without an active income. The documentary also shows compelling stories of a makeup artist from Mumbai and a Mehendi artist from Delhi, who are anticipating the worst as the repudiation of human touch, could mean uncertainty in the future.


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