Top 10 Industries in India with Highest No. Of Billionaires


As per the research India is being in the third position in the world with Highest no: of billionaires after the US and China with a total of 166 billionaires; among these the top industries that produced the most billionaires are Pharmaceuticals, Services & Software, FMCG Industry, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Automobiles & Auto Components, The Automobiles & Auto Components industry, Construction & Engineering, Financial Services, Food & Beverages, Textiles, Apparels & Accessories and Real Estate.

  • Services & Software: Services and software are the 2nd industry to give the highest billionaires in India. As per the research, software and service produces over 73 billionaires so far. The Richest person in the industry is Azim Premji.
  • FMCG Industry: FMCG industry is competing in the 3rd position of top billionaires in India with a total of 59 billionaires. Nusli Wadia and their Family are the Richest people in the industry.
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals: Sri Prakash Lohia is the Richest person in the Chemical and Petroleum industry with a net worth of INR 40,500 Cr. This industry has also provided 57 billionaires to stand 4th in India.
  • Automobiles & Auto Components: With 45 billionaires this Automobile and Auto components industry in India is the 5th highest among the billionaires in the country. Rahul Bajaj and his family are the Richest people in the industry.
  • Construction & Engineering: The Construction & Engineering Industry stands 6th in position with creating 45 billionaires to the date. The Richest person in the industry is P Pitchai Reddy. 
  •  Financial Services: As the famous name shows Kotak is the richest in the industry with a net worth of INR 94,100 Cr. This Financial service sector has produced 43 billionaires and marks the 7th position in India.
  • Food & Beverages: Everyone’s favorite one, the food and beverage industry have produced 39 billionaires so far. Ravi Jaipur and his family are the richest people in the industry. 
  • Textiles, apparel & Accessories: The textile, apparels, and accessories have produced over 36 billionaires till now. Harish Ahuja is the Richest man in the industry.
  •  Real Estate: The 10th highest industry in India; the Real Estate sector has produced over 33 billionaires to date, and the richest of them is Jitendra Virwani.

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