Top Artificial Intelligent Jobs on LinkedIn to Apply in 2021


The scope of AI is the most influential tech-savvy era in different industries with LinkedIn around the global market. Digital transformation and the situation of the covid-19 pandemic have unlocked immense opportunities for AI to enhance workflow in business insights. Thus a huge demand for AI jobs worldwide on LinkedIn. Organizations require professionals to provide service in transforming multiple sets of real-time data into in-depth outcomes.

Several reputed companies are ready to recruit AI professionals throughout the year with lucrative income packages— Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Apple, Uber, and many more.

Op AI Jobs on LinkedIn to apply in 2021

AI specialist

A specialist is one of the AI jobs available on LinkedIn with huge openings from reputed companies. The students have to be familiar with some major AI technologies to push the business forward. The technical should assist AI specialists to build hassle-free applications for better customer engagement chatbots, face recognition, NLP, and so on. AI specialists should be able to help the company adapt to the technologies in the global market.

Salary package deal: $106,000 per annum

Big data Architect

Reputed companies have opened big data architect job offerings with lucrative income packages across the world. The organizations want to recruit candidates who have completed a Ph.D. in computer science or any other related field with practical experience in managing different programming languages such as Java, Python, R, C++ ect. The responsibility is to develop a big facts environment for organizations with Hadoop or Spark systems.

Salary package: US$150,000 per annum

Machine-learning Engineer

The role of an ML engineer is to build and control systems for green service in AI-based projects in a corporation. The engineer should have a clear understanding of applied research, data science as well as multiple superior programming languages. The basic information of analytics, NLP, Eclipse are required to be professional in machine learning.

Revenue package deal: US$1045,000 consistent with annum

Data Scientist

According to LinkedIn, the demand for data scientists hit the covid-19 pandemic. The supply of real-time data is increasing for companies to manage complex units appropriately. Thus, having a sufficient understanding of data management, data mining, Hive, Hadoop, Spark with statistical models is an added benefit to candidates who aspire to achieve success as statistics scientists.

Salary package: US$130,000 per annum

Business Intelligence Developer

Reputed groups are implementing BI into their existing systems for appropriate research to meet the desires and needs of the customers and target audience. The demand for AI developers is to enhance the profitability of a business. The responsibility is to design, model, and maintain complex real-time data in Hitech cloud platforms. The candidate is needed to have hands-on experience in information warehouse design, sq., and different BI technology.

Salary package: US$100,000 per annum

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