Touch of Fun and ‘Masala’ : Kurkure’s Campaign to Transform Everyday Moments


The Well-known snack brand, Kurkure has revealed a new campaign titled ‘Ab Laga Masala’ with the brand ambassador and Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. The mission features how the tuck is the ideal ally for shoppers to add a component of fun and eccentricity to their everyday lives, because of the knowledge that there is a feeling of dullness has set in individuals’ lives. In an undertaking to urge customers to fill these unremarkable minutes with amusement and ‘particular Masti’. The film catches how a crunch of Kurkure can release one’s sensational and over-the-top side, changing each drilling second into one pressed with amusement and ‘masala’.

Caught in a relatable family arrangement, the film exhibits Akshay Kumar going through different ‘masaledaar’ changes post crunching on Kurkure. Empowered by the blast of Indian flavors, he assumes the part of the TV in the house and adds a portion of amusement by detailing news and sports in a peculiar style.

Kurkure Launched in 1999, a brand of corn puffs created and showcased by PepsiCo, and first made-up in Quite a while as Leher Kurkure. this amazing ‘namkeen’ nibble, completely created in India, has become the torchbearer of fun and adorable human peculiarities. It is made in computerized plants in three areas. These are in Pune, Punjab, and Kolkata. Kurkure has discovered a home in the hearts and psyches of all and appreciates the situation of a solid Lovemark brand in India.

Senior director and category head of PepsiCo India, Dilen Gandhi said that through their latest campaign, they aim to inspire our fans and consumers across India to break the monotony and humdrum of life by adding a touch of ‘masala’.

Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood actor commented that he is pleased to team up again with Kurkure for the new campaign, where they come together and encourage consumers to brighten their every normal instant with zest and fun.


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