Use These Lesser-Known Tools to Bolster Your Online Security


Online security and privacy discussions are getting more common these days. In line with that, the consumer market is also becoming more aware of tools that they can use to better their online security profile.

That said, the standard tools that come to light during such discussions are:

  • Antivirus software
  • Antimalware packages
  • Firewall systems and
  • Email scanners, among others.

Beyond these, there are a series of other tools that are often overlooked. Not using those tools puts too much money on the table and not having as secure an online profile as possible.

A survey on online privacy tools discovered that some effective online tools were not widely used, some of which we have explained below.

Tor Browser

For a tool that has been here for relatively long, it is a shame to see that it is often skipped in the online privacy discussion.

Tor browser has gotten a bad rap for accessing the deep web where some illegal activities are taking place. If there is anything we know of technology, the right side will coexist with the bad.

For Tor, users get to keep their anonymity online. The entry node takes the user’s IP address and details, tunnels it through a middle node, which changes all those details such that the exit node doesn’t know where the connection originates.


Virtual Private Networks work on the same principle as the Tor browser, only better. They also provide you better protection and anonymity when using other internet-enabled apps, not only when accessing websites on the internet.

A good VPN will also keep your internet data safe when on public or free Wi-Fi networks. This is especially important when you are in a place where you have to access sensitive information online via unsecured connections.

Finally, VPNs can prove effective against browser fingerprinting, ad tracking from webmasters, and other online ills.

Password managers

There is rarely any account you have on the internet that doesn’t need a password to work.

The average user manages a series of passwords, and all that can lead to password fatigue. To prevent this fatigue, users will often choose passwords that are easy to remember. You are not considering that the easier the password is to remember, the easier it is to hack.

Password managers do the unique work of helping you store robust passwords that you might not have been able to remember on your own. The best of the bunch even come with their password generators to help you develop the most robust passwords for your online accounts.

Which Ones Are You Using Already?

The chances are that you are not using one or more of these lesser-known tools yet. Today is just about as good as any day to start. Your online security profile will be grateful for that.


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