Users who ditch WhatsApp & embrace Signal demonstrate that Indians care about privacy


Signal to come up with functions unique to India. Signal to work on being self-sufficient.

Brian Acton, Executive Chairman of the Signal Base, claims that anonymity is of the utmost importance to consumers and that is why many of them will turn to Signal from WhatsApp. Over the last few weeks, the site has seen a huge rise in the number of users, with another platform co-founded by Acton unveiling its revised policy with WhatsApp.

Acton said that it is awesome to see Indian users take such a hard stance in defense of data privacy in an exclusive interview with India Today Tech. In the interview, he also talks about how Signal is increasing the infrastructure to help manage user load, as well as the latest features on which the Signal software operates.

Formed in 2018 as a non-profit company, Brian Acton, who had previously co-founded WhatsApp and parting ways with it when it was sold to Facebook, obtained an estimated $50 million investment from the Signal Foundation. Acton says that instead of stealing them from WhatsApp or some other site, Signal would concentrate on delivering functionality that is wanted by consumers.

To see such burgeoning support from all parts of India is so inspiring. Signal leads the rankings in over 70 countries on the iOS App Store and in over 50 countries on the Android App Store. We passed 50 million downloads on Android earlier today – India has dominated this amount for us.

India is a country with the latest technologies and has already been ahead of the curve, and it’s great to see that happen again. In favor of data protection and a modern more privacy-oriented messenger, to see India make such a firm stand speaks volumes. In order to cope with this tremendous development, we are now starting to scale up infrastructure and are all hands on deck.

Signal has carved a niche of its own, especially because customers feel that we are a secure app to be on. We don’t capture any consumer data at Signal. People can see it and resonate with Signal’s vision in India and around the world. The kind of transition we have seen in just a short amount of time is a testament to that, and we are committed to continuing to work harder, to keep the momentum rolling, and to keep it going.

Being the #1 and the most popular app in India means that privacy matters have been chosen by the government. So, when compared to other messenger applications, our main differentiator is that we want you to own your own info. No commercials, no trackers, and no analytics are available.

Signal uses state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption to keep it from reading your notes, viewing your pictures, listening to your calls, recognizing who you’re talking to, or even seeing a screenshot of your profile. The interceptor sees a nonsensical snarl of letters and numbers if an exchange is intercepted by a hacker or a government entity.

Signal was founded to satisfy the fundamental aspirations of people that private corporations or someone else would not watch them in this regard.

Consumers are the ones that profit greatly as there are many outlets in one environment since it just contributes to creativity. Based on what is most important to them and if they get what they want out of the app, I think it gives users a choice. I agree that privacy is a great value for individuals and as more and more individuals hear about Signal and what we stand for, they will continue to choose signal.

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