Wakefit releases new ‘Artist Babloo’ ad film


The mattress company Wakefit, based in Bengaluru, has been selling ‘sleep,’ since its creation in 2016. But with the introduction of its own mobility section, the company seems to have moved a step from its core portfolio of mattresses and pillows.

The company has released its new film ‘Artist Babloo’ with free door delivery and installation in the home furnishing market. Life in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are now the providers of distribution of the available furniture (wall racks, coffee table, study table, workshop, chairs, armoires, etc.). The company aims to expand its service in this regard to Delhi and Pune this month.

The brand’s ambition has been to grow this year into home solutions. The company will carry out prototyping and Research & Development (R&D) and start the new Diwali season.

“When locking down, we find that customers want to make their homes a pleasant place through customer service and data collection. That meant that homes were not only a place for living anymore – it’s also an office, its entertainment and much more. When the first fear over the pandemic (COVID) passed, people understood that this would last forever and gazed at their homes from different insights. We used it to boost our R&D and boost our activities.” as said by  Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, co-founder, Wakefit.

In the film released by the brand, Babloo carpenter (played by actor Vijay Raaz) calls himself an ‘artist.’ “Consumers seek cheap ‘expensive-looking’ furniture in the ad conceptualised by Spring Stories, a household content arm of Spring Marketing Capital. Consumers reach local carpenters with furniture photos downloaded from the Internet and ask for an equally similar finish, but with a low cost.

As the video begins, he says customers have switched from only seeing furniture on the Internet to making an online reservation. Artist Babloo then describes that, if booked for Wakefit, the carpenters who have collaborated with the company instal unassembled furniture at the time of arrival at home (of customers).

The concept behind the campaign is that Babloo carpenter should be developed as an integral part of home solutions, says Ramalingegowda”To the ease of a local carpenter, it’s been about how high-quality architecture is now in one place.”

To design the furniture Wakefit has formed its own design team. “Our business has always focused on products that are developed scientifically,” Ramalingegowda said. “We look at the science. If it’s our covers, mattresses or now bedding.

The co-founder of the brand, Ankit Garg, will oversee and spend 60 per cent of his time on the operation of the R&D team.


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