WeWork India celebrates the flexible human spirit with a new campaign


WeWork India launches a three-month-long brand campaign focusing on creating awareness about the real challenges of working from home. The leading provider of flexible workspaces, WeWork plans to inspire people through social media to take up flexibility at work to gain success. The campaign focuses on the hardships of being away from a physical community, and how flexible workspaces will in 2021 to restore work-life balance. The first video is done by Bangalore-based boutique agency Small Town Folk and Publicis Groupe’s digital agency Digitas will work on the other videos, which is expected to release subsequently in the first quarter. The videos will be a heartfelt – relatable take on the hardships of “Work from Home” and the struggles that people went through to deliver their best to their work.

Vineet Singh, Head of Brand and Marketing at WeWork India, commented, “We want to highlight the importance of human interaction at the workplace and inspire our members to get back to work.” Elaborating on the consumer insights that the company has based its campaign on, Singh says, “It’s been close to a year since the pandemic, the lockdown and working from home. What started as a new way of working and promised that there will be hardly any difference from working at an office is now showing the invisible impact across the work-force. Essentially, the intangibles are being missed because of work from home, directly impacting the workforce in the long run. Loss of productivity, culture, social interactions and collaboration and all the nuances of complex human interactions.”

WeWork plans to propagate the idea of flexibility being the key to professional and personal success in the coming days. Not only, having the flexibility of customizing business as well as choosing the right place to work from will contribute to the future of work.

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