What will the new Dentsu resemble?


In India, the most common way of bringing 23 agency brands down to 6 has started. Will not customers miss sexy agency brands like Webchutney and Taproot?

That is the descriptor I’d use to portray the Dentsu network in India the way things are today. In the wake of investigating the potential purposes behind the administration transition at Dentsu, recently, how about we currently investigate the organizations under the Dentsu umbrella and the most probable renaming, according to the new worldwide design.

To recap, the organization is hoping to bring its current arrangement of shops under six go-to-market agency brands – Carat, Merkle, Dentsu X, iProspect, Dentsu McGarry Bowen, and Isobar. Superimpose one more order on top of this arrangement of six Campbellian hero brands; each agency will fall under one of three helplines – media, imaginative, CMX.

Up to this point, the network had the accompanying 23 brands under its umbrella:

1. Isobar

2. Webchutney

3. WATConsult

4. Fractal Ink Design Studio

5. Posterscope

6. Milestone Brandcom

7. Fountainhead MKTG

8. Hyperspace

9. Brandscope

10. Taproot Dentsu

11. Dentsu India

12. Dentsu One

13. Dentsu Impact

14. Mcgarry bowen

15. Perfect Relations

16. Indeed

17. The Storylab

18. Dentsu X

19. Vizeum

20. Carat

21. SVG

22. Merkle Sokrati

23. iProspect

Of these, five have as of now been pulled together – SVG has been collapsed into Merkle (through Columbus), Vizeum has been collapsed into iProspect, Fountainhead MKTG has been broken up, Milestone Brandcomm has been collapsed into Posterscope, and Dentsu India, and incidentally eponymous agency name, is currently Dentsu McGarry Bowen.

Creative: Two hero brands involve this bucket– Dentsu McGarry Bowen and Isobar. Under the previous are agency brands like Taproot, Webchutney, Dentsu One, Dentsu India, and Dentsu Impact. Also, under the last are Isobar India, WATConsult, Perfect Relations.

Media: Three legend brands involve the media arranging and purchasing front – Carat, Dentsu X, and iProspect.

An agency like Indeed, Story Lab, Brandscope and Hyperspace either are being or have been collapsed into Posterscope, which, thus, will turn out to be essential for one or each of the three media agency brands, in a year or so. “This resembles returning to bygone times when expert administrations like outside were not housed under isolated shops, however, were moved into the media arranging and purchasing division,” comments a previous Dentsu representative.

About Story Lab, an entertainment content creation wing, a few specialists derive it has a place with the imaginative parcel under the Mcgarry bowen brand. Last year, Dentsu blended The Story Lab in India with its big-name, powerhouse, and sports advertising division C’Lab, which used to be under the domain of Haresh Nayak, ex-president, Posterscope APAC, who moved out of Dentsu recently.

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