Wieden+Kennedy introduces summer break to its employees


Wieden+Kennedy has introduced a global summer break for its workers across different offices. The decision made the agencies believe that it had to do its bit to reduce the pressure on its employees following the pressure of the pandemic affecting their mental health.

The Indian office will be closed for a week starting 19 July 2021. ECD, Dean Wei, W+K Delhi, said, “W+K always talk about the work which comes first, but what we all have undergone makes it clear that our employees are our biggest asset and they need a break. We’re so happy that we can do something small so that they can switch off, spend time with family and friends and re-energise.”

Gautham Narayanan, MD, Wieden+Kennedy Delhi, said, “We love to make work that matters for our clients, but at times like this, you understand other things matter more than work. People are currently too afraid or are running on adrenaline but as the Covid-19 situation gets better, the emotional count will start to take hold. That is why we’re serious about giving our employees some rest. Our clients have been understanding and supportive by helping us cross true partners do.”

Wieden+Kennedy Delhi was founded in 2007, to create culture-shifting work for different brands that mean business. They have built some of India’s biggest brands from IndiGo, Make in India, Oberoi Hotels and Royal Enfield. They also helped some of the largest global brands like Airbnb, Nike and Audi find their stand in India. Wieden+Kennedy are at their best when they created authentic work that has transformed different companies into cultural leaders. To do that, they started with the brand, not just ads. They give the work that people need rather than the work people may think or want. Most of the workers are passionate, they care about how consumers do respond to things at every level from the communications people see, to the moment people walk into a store, to the smallest interaction with their product, in the real world and the social world. And Wieden+Kennedy want to make work that matters.

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