“Women have always been at par in terms of their talent”


At Adgully, we have always praised and celebrated female managers and leaders in a variety of sectors. W-SUITE is an Adgully project that has been highlighting some of the industry’s most extraordinary female achievers in M&E, Advertising & Marketing, PR & Communication. We want to know how women leaders have managed their teams and work, as well as how they have navigated through the harshest and most challenging periods brought on by the worldwide epidemic, in the renovated series. 

Richa Singh, MD India, Natural Diamond Council, has a goal for the consumer to create memories as well as legacy pieces that may be passed down through generations. She is truly an expert at all things ladies, with a 23-year career in marketing, advertising, branding, and category building of beauty and luxury items.  

Natural Diamond Council’s MD India, chats with Adgully on shattering the glass ceiling as a woman in business, clearing the road for women to advance beyond middle management, and more. 

In the post-pandemic world, how do you think the role and breadth of women leaders have expanded?  

With a hybrid work style, which allows individuals to manage both work and home, there are more chances nowadays. Apart from that, work streams got more efficient as people worked from home.  

Women leaders performed better during the COVID-19 crisis, according to multiple research. What, in your opinion, makes women the best crisis managers?  

The ability to multitask and compartmentalize while balancing several aspects of life.  

What are the five most important leadership lessons you’ve learned as a woman?  

As a woman in the business world, I’ve always struggled to break through the glass ceiling. Though I’d also add that I’ve had the good fortune of working with colleagues who have been supportive in a variety of scenarios.  

What role do influencers play in generating audience engagement?  

Influencers continue to influence a brand’s desirability, and their opinions count.   

What is your 2022 vision and mission?   

I’m excited to see more women in positions of power in the business world. Companies are expanding, and there will be a shift in the way they do business online. A digital shift is coming, and the pandemic has already started it. It will be exploited by brands. 

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