Yamaha Motor Kick-starts ‘Test Ride My Yamaha’ Campaign


Yamaha Motor India has announced the launch of the “Test Ride My Yamaha” campaign for its current customers in the world. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the technologies and safety precautions of the company’s 125cc scooters-Fascino 125 FI, RayZR 125 FI, and RayZR Street Rally 125 FI.

The 125cc Yamaha Motor India scooters are powered with technologies such as an engine stop, start system, a smart engine generator, a side-by-side engine shut-off switch, and a UBS front disc brake (unified braking system). The scooters are designed with an air-cooled 125cc SOHC engine. It has a gross output of 8bhp at 6500rpm and a power factor of 9.7Nm at 5000rpm. Each scooter comes with the Stop & Start System (SSS) to maximize fuel mileage.

The latest model of the Yamaha 125 cc scooters was popularized much by Indian consumers in 2020. Today, the car industry is very sure that Test Ride My Yamaha would help to meet its audience in a better way. These Yamaha scooters are sporty, classy, fuel-efficient, more popular, well equipped with safety innovations and comfy seating. Interested current customers should reach the nearest approved dealer of Yamaha in-order to arrange test drives. Established customers will describe the most recent technologies and safety features mounted on the Yamaha scooters when having a test ride. The new 125 cc Yamaha scooters received a great deal of customer attention across India in 2020. The company is confident that this special and exclusive advertisement will help reach its target people interested in a fashionable product and enjoyable to drive while at the same time being more durable, fuel-friendly, packed with safety technologies and value for money.

The goal of Yamaha is to meet the highest potential customers through this initiative. It will also offer an incentive for current consumers to promote products and win fun discounts and merchandise. Yamaha’s current range of scooters caters to both younger and mature customers in the region. Yamaha also mentioned that the campaign would give the future Yamaha scooter buyers in the country touch and feel as well as a customized riding experience. Current customers will describe the latest technology and safety features mounted on the Yamaha scooters when having a test ride. This contains the “Stop & start system,” the “Smart Motor Generator (SMG),” as well as the “Side stand engine cut-off switch.”


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