Yatra Online has partnered with the Delhi Capitals of the Women’s Premier League.

Yatra x Delhi Capitals
Yatra Online has partnered with the Delhi Capitals of the Women's Premier League

This collaboration will honor as well as empower women throughout sports.

Yatra Online (“Yatra”), a travel industry services provider and online travel company, has announced a partnership with Delhi Capitals to host the inaugural Women’s Premier League (‘WPL’). The Delhi Capitals, a franchisors team co-owned by India’s illustrious business conglomerates JSW as well as GMR Group, has been viewed to be among the nation’s top sports franchises. With women’s cricket coming into play in the country, this collaboration would then celebrate and empower female athletes. BCCI T20 cricket tournament for women is being hailed as a game changer in women’s sports. Women’s cricket as well as players have long desired the WPL, and it will become reality in less than a week. With all eyes just on the tournament, it will quickly get to be a platform to motivate younger talent from across the country to maximize their abilities and establish a presence and voice on the world stage, even if they are from the outskirts. Making comments just on the partnership, Dhruv Shringi, Pretty much the entire Director as well as Chief Executive Officer, of Yatra Online Limited ”, says, “At Yatra, we are constantly ahead of the game and we think in continuing to support platforms that reflect the same vision. We seem to be exceedingly pleased to be working with the Delhi Capitals of the Women’s Premier League as little more than a top multinational travel service company as well as one of India’s most prominent travel companies. Today’s Indian women in sports are making major strides and empowering the entire country. We are excited to be a part of the Delhi Capitals players’ journey as they make their ancient debut in this layout in the coming days. We are confident that the WPL will capture the attention and psyches of millions of cricket supporters all over the nation. On the announcement, Dhiraj Malhotra, CEO of Delhi Capitals, stated, “Yatra Online Limited is with us official sponsor again for Women’s Premier League 2023, and it is a privilege and an honor to have them on board. Yatra.com is equated with far and high travel and we are confident that perhaps the top online travel company would then play a significant role in the growth of the Delhi Capitals as just a brand. The WPL’s inaugural season begins on March 4th, 2023, and it’s being broadcast throughout India on Sports18 TV and indeed the Jio Cinema app. Overall, the partnership between Yatra Online Constrained and Delhi Capitals benefits both parties by allowing each other to utilize one‘s corresponding strengths and capabilities. This collaboration does have the potential to increase value for Yatra as well as the Delhi Capitals, even while providing a fantastic experience for cricket lovers all over the country.

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