Zouk launches a first-ever female-focused brand campaign.

Zouk launches a first-ever female-focused brand campaign

Zouk, a vegan and proudly Indian lifestyle brand, has announced the release of its Women’s Day special brand film. The film celebrates this same enthusiasm for womanhood, uplifting each Zouk woman to start celebrating and cherishing her unique identity. Zouk has always put the customer first. The brand’s first involvement activity was a customer celebration the year before, whenever the Zouk team specifically invited its consumers to one‘s office to meet and interact with them. The brand has received an overwhelming response from women all over the world, inspiring the brand to increase its conversations as well as build sustainable products that have meaning in the lives of each woman. Customers will be Zouk’s new models for something like the product shoot on Women’s Day. Customers are going to see advertising their goods on social networking channels, accompanied by an exclusive, one-of-a-kind shoot. In addition, as part of its social media campaign #UnapologeticallyYou, the brand will feature women from various industries who will share their personal experiences and stories. The campaign‘s goal is to make women around the world feel seen, heard, and celebrated for their courageous journey. Zouk appears to believe that every woman is special and that her journey is one of courage, perseverance, and self-discovery. As a result, the campaign focuses on commemorating Women’s Day out with their customers rather than celebrities. This way, Zouk could indeed demonstrate different women from various industries and show what unapologetic as well as prideful those who seem to be of their life choices, regardless of the criticism from society. The brand as well intends to strengthen its brand presence by launching women-focused awareness campaigns. Disha Singh, Founder & CEO, comments just on the launch of the initial brand film as well as product shoot to customers “I am overjoyed to see our customers willingly open and eager to shoot, meet, and be a part of this special Zouk campaign. As a female entrepreneur, I must advocate for women’s empowerment by allowing women to play an integral part in a Zouk journey. I want to create as well as enhance the above special bond, as well as I hope that the brand film, social campaign, and shoot give women all over the world a reason for having a personal view and celebrate their accomplishments through being uncompromisingly self irrespective of their challenges/choices “. Zouk is the epitome of a contemporary Indian classic woman. Zouk weaves subtle elegance into women’s lifestyles by fusing contemporary and traditional designs. So because products have been handcrafted, barbarity, and proudly Indian, Zouk is capable of conveying this same vibrant Indian culture around the world.

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