YouTube launches its new Shorts Fund


YouTube declared about its new $100 million funds for creators. For over 2021 and 2022, the fund will distribute to creators. Monthly, the company will invite eligible creators to urge their share of the Shorts Fund. Based on supported views, the amount between $100 to $10,000 is going to be their short videos fund get every month, not just after they are uploaded.

According to YouTube, for the last 180 days channels that are having a minimum of one eligible short video are eligible.

Following the Guidelines and copyright rules of the youtube community, videos with watermarks or logos and from “third-party social media platforms“, non-original videos are not eligible. In Brazil, Russia, the Republic of South Africa, India, the United Kingdom, the US, and more the funds are available to creators.

The creators who are over 13 years old are eligible for the payments. To accept the payments,13–18-year-old creators must accept Google’s AdSense terms and conditions. To create a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube the Shorts Fund is the beginning of the journey. And not only limited to creators within the YouTube Partner Program.

Funds are a standard tool for short video platforms to draw in creators to their platforms. TikTok had also announced an analogous fund within the US in July, worth $1 billion are spent for the subsequent three years. Snapchat also pays $1 million to creators who share content on its platform.

Each month, it should reach thousands of eligible creators to claim a payment from the Shorts Fund creators can make anywhere from $100 to $10,000 supported viewership and engagement on their Shorts. The Shorts Fund is the first step to the journey to create Shorts on YouTube and is not limited to merely creators in YPP – any creator that meets our eligibility criteria can participate.

Short video platform Moj, owned by unicorn Sharechat, had announced a $100 million fund for creators last year.

With the launch of the short funds, creators and artists have short funds, ads, YouTube premium, Channel memberships, super stickers, merchandise, ticketing, and Youtube BrandConnet to make money and build a business on Youtube.

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