YouTube to obtain Simsim the Indian video e-commerce stage


In a blog post, Google pointed out that YouTube mentioned it will obtain Indian video e-commerce platform Simsim, in the context of its attempt to help small businesses and retailers in India hold out the new customers. And they are initiating another step to aid the viewers to locate and buy products from local businesses.

They have signed a conclusive agreement to acquire Simsim and anticipate covering the transaction in the coming weeks. However the company did not reveal the financial features of the transaction. And it added that there will be no immediate instant variations to Simsim and the app will pursue operating independently. YouTube is operating on the paths to display Simsim offers to the viewers of YouTube. In a joint statement, Simsim co-founders Amit Bagaria, Kunal Suri and Saurabh Vashishtha conveyed that the platform went ahead to help the users across India shop online with simplicity and authorised through small sellers and brands displaying and selling their products using the ability of content by trusted influencers.

They added that being a representation of the YouTube and Google ecosystem promotes Simsim in its mission. The blog post pointed out that furthermore, shopping occurs online, video has a significant character in helping viewers to find new products and discovers expert advice that they believe. Daily, people come to YouTube to balance products, watch reviews and discover recommendations from their favourite creators. Simsim is aiding small businesses in India to move to e-commerce by utilising the power of video and creators. 

It serves as a stage to connect the local businesses, influencers and customers. The creators post reviews on the videos about products from local businesses, and viewers can purchase those products directly through the app. Also, the videos are accessible in three local languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. Accompanying over 2,500 YouTube creators with more than one million subscribers and YouTube Shorts that was launched in India first and Google conveyed it is engaged to conduct the best of YouTube to India and enlarging the creator community by preparing it even simple for the new generation of mobile-first makers to get started. And Google mentioned the announcement constructs on its continuing investments in India, like the India Digitisation Fund that was declared last year.

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