Yubi, formerly CredAvenue; a new debt market platform


The Indian loan marketplace CredAvenue has changed its name to Yubi. The new name reflects the company’s long-term goal of becoming an invisible infrastructure layer that powers credit throughout the world and ensures frictionless access to finance, which is reflected in the new name.

A makeover of all of the company’s online and social media platforms, as well as its current product lines, is reflected in the new brand’s customer experience. CredAvenue commitment to enabling its consumers ‘Go Get Great’ will be fulfilled in a more robust and consistent brand experience.

The firm has made two significant acquisitions in the last six months and is on the verge of expanding beyond the limits of the credit in the long run. The relaunched brand and the moniker Yubi will help the firm capitalize on the worldwide recognition that comes with a household name.

In addition to its five renamed platforms, YubiBuild, the company’s yet-to-be-established real estate and infrastructure sector, can meet all of the needs of both borrowers and investors.

In addition to YubiLoans, YubiCo.Lend provides banks and NBFCs with co-lending options for businesses.

  • For institutional as well as ordinary investors, there is the service YubiInvest.
  • The Supply chain platform YubiFlow provides trade finance solutions.
  • End-to-end securitization and portfolio buyouts are offered by YubiPool.

CEO Gaurav Kumar remarked, “This is an exciting shift and a strong basis for the continually developing nature of our company. With the opening of our first international office in the United Arab Emirates, we want to make our MENA debut with CredAvenue. Customers and other stakeholders have told us that data security issues surrounding financial information remain one of the biggest deterrents to the growth of digital banking; therefore, we’ve decided to modify our brand identification to reflect this.

One of CredAvenue Chief Marketing Officers, Karanpreet Bindra’s said, “We aim to promote ourselves as an enabling institution in order to win over the greater corporate community.” We realized that we needed a basic brand architecture that reflected our long-term ambition as we grew our product offerings both organically and inorganically.

With Yubi, we are reinforcing our brand concepts of exercising freedom of collaboration while showing the most transparency and equity possible. On the quest to unleash the full potential of credit in India and beyond, Bindra remarked, “We hold strong on our brand promise.”

This new Yubi brand is ready for the new loan age by teaming up with venturethree, an international branding organization.

Entrepreneur Philip Orwell, founder and CEO of venturethree stated, “Yubi’s objective is to rethink how individuals, from all backgrounds, can access money inside the Indian market and assist drive company development without the restrictions we’ve experienced.” We worked together with the Yubi team to design a brand that focused on the power of connection and brought much-needed warmth and compassion to the market.

The corporation is gearing up to get even more entangled in the debt ecosystem with the launch of its new brand.

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