Zeotap starts Google Customer Match integration


Zeotap, a leading customer intelligence platform, has launched a new integration with Google Customer Match that enables marketers to leverage their first-party data to capture the audience in large across Google Search, Gmail, Shopping, YouTube and Display. This new unification provides an important solution when the third-party cookies deprecate at the end of 2021.

Being a Customer Match partner, Zeotap allows marketers to upload the first-party data of their respective businesses to Google Customer Match through a simple Application Programming Interface integration, streamlining the matching process. The results can then be included or taken out from Google Ads campaigns and can be used to tailor bid strategies, ad creatives and landing pages. This accurate targeting helps deliver 79 percent higher CTR (Click-through rate) and 67 per cent higher CVR (Conversion Rate) than non-audience traffic.

Zeotap helps brands understand their customers, analyze and predict behaviours so that they can enhance customer engagement. From customer data integration to identity resolution, Zeotap works with different brands, publishers and agencies across Europe and the Asia Pacific. The company was recognized by Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, as a “Cool Vendor” in 2020 and as the “Best Data-Enabling Technology” by AdExchanger  in 2019

Florian Lichtwald, the Managing Director and Chief Business Officer of Zeotap, said that the benefits of Google Customer Match have been clear for a long time for any marketer looking to bring high returns on their campaigns. The role of Zeotap is to make it easier than ever to get these results. With third-party cookies deprecating on the horizon, this will help marketers in the act of leveraging their first-party data to bring better results from paid channels.

Zeotap’s API integration helps in matching based on different types of data, including Mobile Device IDs and email addresses. Used as part of Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform, the integration helps to identify non-Gmail email ID’s which help in achieving higher match rates compared to the other upload processes. The process is very much safe and secure, as Zeotap completes security and data rearranging protections ahead of uploading, and is ISO 27001 certified.

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