Zoom launches its new hardware for users


The coronavirus pandemic has made people distant and engages in activities from home. It is tiring and monotonous to stay at home and see the same faces and furniture over and over again all day every day. Office workers discuss their activities through online medium, and currently trending among those online “mediums” are Zoom.

Zoom, an audio/video conferencing application, has seen its biggest turning point during this pandemic. For the purpose to connect, users download Zoom and can video conference and also online chat services. This is a cloud-based, peer-to-peer software platform.

During the past few months, Zoom has seen the biggest boom in its lifetime. From 10 billion users in December 2013 to 300 million in April 2020, the company never expected to reach a peak point like this. With all these advances, Zoom has decided to launch hardware devices for at-home-workers, though everyone can use them, because why not? The target is to create hardware that serves all the purposes without the burden of complicated assembling. The all-in-one device comes with three built-in wide-angle cameras, an 8-microphone array, and a touch screen display that you can use for presentations, whiteboarding and annotation.

The Zoom for Home hardware is a user-friendly platform that focuses on beating other enterprises by providing similar services but complicated assembling, making it harder for customers to move the hardware if required.

As for the set-up and installation of the hardware, say for your corporate organization, once the hardware arrives you could read the instructions and use the IT workers to set it up and enter few details such as your local Wi-Fi network, sign in and you are ready to go. But if you’re a customer purchasing it for yourself, then the steps are much easier except for configuring Zoom with your calendar to sync is your own task to do. But with the instructions provided it will be easy, says Jeff Smith, head of Zoom Room.

What differentiates Zoom for a home with other conference rooms? Its interface. Conference room software is generally designed to be shared with multiple people, but Zoom for Home is highly personalized that can be accessed and used even if you have a basic Zoom account.

Last but not the least, this hardware needs to be affordable and that’s what people check first after reading the hardware’s configuration. It has a 27-inch widescreen, and earlier mentioned features all costing at $599. Might seem a bit expensive, but worth the cost.


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