Aaj Tak 2.0 is being launched by India Today


Kalli Purie, executive chairman of the India Today Division, stated in an amicus brief transmitted well with India Today staff, “We have long been the course of action of Indians, and indeed the quell developments of digital allow us to develop a parallel news channel suitable for a younger demographic. AT2 is presently accessible via aajtak. in and Aaj Tak’s broadcast networks. AT2 is a personal favorite of mine, so I am overjoyed that Anjana will carry it further in sabze Tez mode.” We have always served as Indians’ first preference for news, and the non-linear potential of digital allows us to develop a secondary channel of current events fitter for younger people.

Concerning her existing authority and responsibility at Aaj Tak, Anjana Om Kashyap shall administer Aaj Tak 2. This marks the start of an exhilarating chapter for our beloved, all-encompassing private label Aaj Tak. AT2 will free AT1 from the confines of a monotonic substrate. It allows the user to take the Aaj Tak style of professional journalism standards to multiple news stories at the same time. Aaj Tak first aired on Door Darshan’s (DD) DD Metro channel in 1995. This was later televised as 10- to 20-minute newscasts. Aaj Tak began as that an objective news station in December 1999, and it later became the country’s first 24-hour Hindi news network. Surendra Pratap Singh was always one of the broadcasters therefore at times.

It has been built on this implicit assumption over the last 45 years. Story after story. Each edition is unique. Framework after platform. It has left a significant foundation of legitimacy, professionalism, trust, and bipartisan cooperation. It is generally acknowledged as the country’s gold journalism benchmark. There is only one political allegiance in a terrain defined by screaming connotations: the Indian Constitution.

ITG’s media empire began with the legendary India Today magazine. For more than four decades, it has been the unchallenged pinnacle of Indian reportage. It produced famous stories, renowned journalists, and spectacular editors. It was well-known for its fastidiousness. It raised the bar. For the past 20 years, Aaj Tak and Aaj Tak HD have been the nation’s No. 1 Hindi news station, although India Today TV leads the market in authenticity and journalistic integrity.

Aside from its high journalistic ethics, the Indian Group is renowned for its ongoing innovation, reinvention, and acceptance of new technology. It has an integrated, cutting-edge newsroom that distributes editorial material seamlessly throughout its broadcast tv, print, mobile, social media, and internet platforms, resulting in a vast cumulative reach. Its most recent breakthrough is Mobiletak. in, a collection of 18 specialty digital channels. These channels, created specifically for mobile-first news consumers, have visual content intended for an acerbic generation-on-the-go that wants news quickly, succinctly, even without accouterments.

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