Accenture Futureframe: blend of human design and tech design


Accenture is a multinational company that has its office locations in various parts of the world. Accenture Federal Services (AFS) is a new initiative taken by Accenture to make the federal agencies innovative, digital, and creative.

AFS launched a new report titled ‘Futureframe: Human-Centered Design’ on October 14, 2021. It points out steps for federal agencies to deliver upgraded customer experiences and outcomes.

Futureframe designs a future which includes two strategies. Firstly, it tries to attain a vision of an optimal federal customer experience. Secondly, it creates the building blocks that transform a concept into reality. It defines a future that is well researched and consumer-oriented. The services they focus on are assistance, federal benefits, and insurance programs.

Human resources and technological tools are incorporated to help agencies implement performative changes and sustainable improvements like futurism, human-centered design, system design, and ethnographic research.

Elaine Beeman, the report’s co-author, commented that the pandemic simultaneously increased the demand for government services and expectations on federal government customer experience.

Agencies are assigned to ensure that customers have access to shares and equity in meeting citizen needs. The federal leaders should increase the pace in transforming services to digital to provide a diverse customer base that includes both undeserved and hard-to-reach populations. The report is part of the mission to tackle the tiring processes of the government.

AFS includes the same resources used by Accenture Federal Studio. Both use technology as the cornerstone of their progress. They incorporate human-centered design with evolving technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, blockchain, and quantum computing.

The main reason for launching the Futureframe report is to manage the responsibilities of government agencies in dealing with the customer needs as they consist of a diverse and huge population.

The pandemic showed that the people rely on federal agencies to get access to information. To communicate with customers from remote areas, they switched to a virtual mode of communication. This process is called digital transformation.

Futureframe trains employees with an in-depth understanding of their customers and make them aware of innovative ways to serve them. It trains agencies to acquire information on new developments, and adapt to emerging trends. It creates a lasting equitable impact on all stakeholders.

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