AI advancement in Apollo hospital: the curing factor


AI in healthcare, according to Apollo Hospitals, is more of a necessity than a luxury. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and AI-powered robots are critical components of hospital infrastructure. Seventy-five percent of healthcare CEOs support AI projects. The COVID-19 epidemic justifies and amplifies such a boom in AI usage and integration in healthcare.

Apollo Healthcare is at the top of its game when it comes to treating complex diseases and providing excellent patient care. Before the pandemic, the hospital organization began integrating and using AI. The Apollo Hospitals Group, in particular, is optimistic about AI-based medical improvements.

The Only Constant at Apollo Hospitals is AI Advancement

Apollo Hospitals has introduced the Apollo Prohealth Program, a proactive health management program based on personalized health risk assessment (pHRA) and artificial intelligence. Apollo continues to bet on AI-enabled healthcare models, carrying on the tradition of excellent healthcare utilizing AI.

The Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score Application Program Interface (API), developed to detect and forecast the risks of cardiovascular disorders, is an excellent example. The AI-enabled program performs automatic analysis in a short amount of time. This breakthrough has been hailed as the most effective imaging technique for diagnosing strokes.

Apollo teamed with Microsoft in 2018 to learn more about AI-integration acceleration in healthcare. “The AI Network for Healthcare intends to democratize artificial intelligence by providing quicker, intuitive, and predictable solutions to healthcare professionals while also decreasing disease burden.”

A Predictive Insight: Apollo Hospitals is Leading the Way

Apollo spends a lot of time experimenting with different AI integrations and machine learning to improve its healthcare infrastructure. It unconsciously sets an example for medical institutes that are still classified as ‘developing.’

Apollo Hospitals is at the forefront of the digital transformation, with a strong commitment to AI adoption and integration. Several other medical institutions are following suit, implementing AI integrations to provide adequate treatment for those who are economically challenged. Given that the virus has already spread to rural and urban regions, medical professionals and health practitioners are working together to offer and safeguard people from COVID-19 complications and other dangerous illnesses.

As previously said, Apollo’s AI-enabled measures are futuristic, implying a smooth healthcare experience for those suffering from essential illness and the poor.

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