All you need to know about revised covid vaccination policy


It is being announced that from June 21 there will be free vaccination drives across the country. The revised vaccination policy brings hope to many states looking forward to overseas enrolment, job opportunities, and efforts to obtain vaccines and administrative funds.

The central government will purchase three-quarters of the doses made by the vaccine manufacturers direct for distribution to the states and dispense them at centres operated by the center. Private vaccination centres can buy the remaining 25% of the vaccines and give them at limited prices. they no longer participate in vaccine purchases.

Charges by private companies:

Vaccination in private centers will not be free. They can charge Rs 150 as a service fee on top of the price of the vaccine. The maximum price that private centres can charge is 1,150 rupees for Sputnik. V, Rs 1,410 for the Covaxin vaccine.

How is the population group vaccinated without digital help?

 From June 21st, in addition to online registration at CoWin, all state and private vaccination centers will start registering on-site. know in time.

Who vaccinates everyone for free?                           

 Starting June 21, all Indian citizens will receive free vaccinations at state government centers. Previously, the government only provided free vaccinations to three priority groups: medical staff, ordinary employees, and people over 45. In the 18-44 age group, the vaccine is only free in government centers. When the center turned to a centralized procurement mechanism, the central government announced that the state and the central center would provide vaccines to everyone free of charge. cost.

Status of the availability of foreign vaccines on the Indian market:

 Even with the waiver of the authorization mandate, no supply contracts were concluded with the vaccines Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, which already regulate the Covid vaccine market in the USA and others. The analysis of the conditions required to build a supply chain for these vaccines and all about their availability will be disclosed after the final agreements.

What if the vaccine dose is not available for small private hospitals?

 Starting on June 21st, private hospitals will need vaccines, with fair distribution and regional balance, depending on which central government is responsible for supplying and paying for these private centers. This will be done through the digital platform of the National Health Service, which will help small private centers in remote areas to receive care.

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