Amazon launches ‘WorkingWell’ employee health, safety program


Amazon announced about the launch of WorkingWell, it is a new comprehensive program which provides their employees with various physical and mental activities wellness tasks, healthy eating aid most of which are scientifically proven. This is to help their employees to get themselves refreshed, rejuvenated mainly to abolish the risk of injury.

This program is part of the company’s new investment of more than $300 million which is contributed to safety projects in 2021. The mission of this program is that it’s the Safest Place to work on Earth. In this WorkingWell program, there are various components involved which were developed in a collaboration with many employees from and within the Amazon operations.

This was initiated in the US in 2019, since then it is spread to 859000 employees across Europe and North America. They aim to across a recordable limit of 50% by the end of 2025. The company works with many health and safety experts and also brings up changes according to the feedback received from their employees. This program has brought positive changes in the lives of the employees and it also has reflected in their daily activities other than working.

Jeffrey Ku, the operations employee at an Amazon fulfilment center in Aurora said that “Amazon takes our safety very seriously. WorkingWell ensures that we take care of our body and mind very well. Since I started watching their health and safety videos, I incorporated a stretching routine in my lifestyle”.

Jennifer McNelly, CEO of the American Society of Safety Professionals said that “Amazon has developed various new technologies and approaches which gives importance to the well-being of their employees. We look forward to Amazon to share their ideas and learnings to improve the workplace safety in the US as well as on a global level”.

This is a comprehensive program that involves several components which covers wellness, training and conditioning, technology etc. They provide their employees with scientifically proven health and safety education and other services which includes health and safety huddles, wellness centers, Amazen which includes guided meditation and positive affirmations. Eatwell is the segment that supports the nutritional health of employees, connect and comment kiosks is the segment that takes feedbacks from employees for future improvements.

WorkingWell was initiated by employees who care for their co-workers and who are dedicated din providing them with a healthy and safe workplace. This team continues to take feedback and ideas from their employees to support their health and safety.

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