Media plans chasing pandemic waves: over to air cooler segment


During the Covid pandemic, all the industries including the TV programming as well as the suspension of the Indian Premier League (IPL) brought new challenges to the industries like the AC and cooler companies which has been advertising their products during these seasons. there had been a discussion with the heads but with the spread of the second wave all the plans were interrupted

Presently some many different companies and brands are involved in this sector of air coolers. Some of the brand’s include Symphony, Usha Internationals, Havells, Crompton Greaves, Bajaj electricals etc. are some of the most leading brands in this field. 

C Haridas, the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service said that “we expected to come back by April but now we hope to make the conditions of North India and Maharashtra as it is one the largest markets in India. north Indian markets are one of the important where the season extends to the end of July. When all these settles down, we would again have a window open for us to come back”.

He also mentioned that “the company only has a marginal growth this year. We also had to withhold the Blue Star company’s campaign title ‘Summer Lage Winter Jaise’, featured by Virat Kohli. We were powerful during the IPL seasons and election campaigns but with the commencement of the second wave we had to hold up our plans of getting into printing”.

The Blue Star company had allocated about 8-10 crore for the mass media campaign. They believe that they have a window in North India as the season extends up to the end of June and July. We also started initiated on e-commerce marketing and digit marketing. Blue Star company is known for its air conditioners, refrigerators, and air coolers for since long and even now we work on making our space.

Some brands like Hindware had even completely stopped their campaigns to restart it once the market opens. Most of the brand’s spent about seventy to eighty per cent of their revenue on marketing.

Rakesh Kaul, the CEO and director of Somany Home Innovation shared that “Usually we spend ninety per cent of our revenue for this campaign. But we had to pause the entire campaign and would start it when the market reopens. He also added that the foldable air cooler had a great response among the household customers and that they would continue to advertise this product. These products are Alexa enabled and have geo-fence technology.

The brand Symphony shares forty per cent of its share value in the current market during their latest campaign “Symphony ka Moviecool”. Chandradip Paitandi, the DGM of Symphony shared that “it’s difficult to set a strategy during this current scenario”. Most of the air cooler brands are changing to digital marketing and sales. Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Telangana are the important markets of the air cooler segment.

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