Announcing DATAMATIXX 2022 – the focused eye on Data Science


Datamatics is a global Digital Solutions, Technology and BPM company. It is a technology company that builds intelligent solutions enabling data-driven businesses to digitally transform themselves through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Mobility and Advanced Analytics. 

Even before the pandemic, digital was on the rise in India, thanks to government programmes like Digital India. The move to digital has intensified in the last two years. Even in the smaller areas where the digital adoption has been delayed. 

Digital has pervaded every aspect of life today, from content consumption to networking to business operations. Advertisers follow their audiences; therefore, every industry study has predicted increasing digital ad spending in the near future. 

Machine learning quickly went from a sci-fi dream come true to common and ubiquitous sight. As users become more attuned to smart technology and instant gratification, entrepreneurs are hard-pressed to deliver a constantly improving experience, in each and every use of ML. As a result, we are witnessing some evolutionary trends in machine learning, some intended to improve customer experiences, others to lower operational costs of the delivery of the solution. 

Programmatic, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Performance Marketing, Digital Display Ads, First-Party data in a cookie less future, and other digital tools have helped marketers focus their plans. The proliferation of technologies such as connected TVs, OTT platforms, and digital OOH screens has provided marketers with new opportunities to interact with their customers. 

Adgully has always been on the cutting edge of recognising industry trends. Adgully is launching its DATAMATIXX Summit & Awards in response to the growing importance of programmatic marketing and data science. 

Brands and agencies will be recognised for their most innovative, effective, and creative use of programmatic advertising for sharply focused campaigns, providing ROIs to clients, and capturing a larger share of audience reach and attention at the DATAMATIXX 2022 Awards. 

The awards are subdivided into four categories: 

• Discipline Awards for Campaigns 

• Technology & Service Provider 

• Outstanding Awards 

• Special Awards  

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