Augmented Reality (AR) Lens: An Innovative Idea from Snap chat for Brands and Businesses


Multimedia messaging app Snap chat has launched Lens Web Builder, a primary web-based Augmented Reality (AR) Lens ad creation tool for brands and businesses. ‘Lens Web Builder’ will make it effortless for anyone to make compelling and professional AR Lenses in minutes.

Variety of the foremost facilities like anyone can access the tool-free, it’s especially compelling to brands or agencies, which wants to form AR Lenses quickly, without having the alternative additional support from highly-skilled creators of the industry.

 David Shaw, Head of International Product Marketing Snap chat said that “Lens Web Builder is exclusively appealing to small and medium-sized businesses, including performance concentrated and Direct-to-Consumer brands. They will be able to make an AR ad within minutes.” Any application program which operates Lens Web Builder, allows advertisers to settle on from a library of a wide array of templates or even they’re going to create their own branded Lens from scratch too.

 The tool during this includes entry to a library of hundreds and more 3D objects, animations, and effects, which can help the brands to create their own personalized branded AR Lens and even they’ll also send their 2D assets, such as logos and pictures to further personalize the AR experience.

Based on Snap chat’s in-house data, there are about quite 70 million people who access its AR lenses on each day. They use these AR tools for a median time of three minutes per session. This kind of advertisement tool will be a possible help for various sectors like travel and hospitality, which need a greater user engagement to urge relief from the post-COVID-19 world. The move has also lined up with Snap’s AR work with the Snap chat app, and additionally as Lens Studio.

Last week, the corporate conducted its annual developer event where it disclosed a brand new camera and a raft of latest updates to its Lens Studio and also an app, with a focus to enlarge the platform’s existing catalog for AR content through attributes like Plant Snap, Dog Scanner, and Voice Scan. It also launched an AR-based Voice Scan facility, which allows users to go looking for lenses using various voice commands that may even change their appearances too.


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