Bajaj Allianz initiates #Start Now Campaign


In a life insurance commercial that includes a stand-up comedian, tropes such as ‘death’,’ terror’,’ apprehension’ are not listed, yet speak regarding inertia.

It’s the world’s oldest saying. Every day, you’re preparing 17 for one day, and then quietly, without you even knowing it, and then one day is today. And so yesterday will be someday. And this is life for you.

More than eight years ago, Nathan Scott, the star of the American drama television series’ One Tree Hill,’ said the line. It really came back to life for you as he saw the latest Bajaj Allianz Life commercial.

The quote talks about time’s endless march and that it ends with no one. And if it’s something you’re late for, you’re more than likely to rue it in the future.

Bajaj Allianz Life has a stand-up comedian at just over two minutes and the funniest guy from LinkedIn, Rahul Subramanian, tells us how his pause in investment kept his fantasy of buying a new car an illusion. Please remember, it’s not the first ad that Subramanian stars in for life insurance co.

It’s summed up by the message at the end of the ad: Saal instantly badalta hai, par aapki life nahi. Life Goals Invest Karna shuru Karo aur Done Karo.

It is true that you stand to reap less positive returns than an early investor the longer you spend.

But the zero mentions of “death,” “anxiety,” “what will happen to my loved ones when I’m not there,” is what caught our eyes or ears? … So much so that when we first saw the commercial, we almost had a heart attack. Instead, via a video call, we had Subramanian talk to us like a friend, something you don’t dream to see in a life insurance commercial.

Perhaps it was the pandemic that had altered the ‘fear’,’ anxiety’,’ death’ story that was prevalent in life insurance advertising. It would have prompted brands to tweak their methods for contact.

We exploit social media to create resonance and transmit the message to the millennial demographic in a way that should be, Chandramohan Mehra, Bajaj Allianz Life’s chief marketing officer, said.

He went on to add that their approach is focused on ensuring the viewer, meaning and platform are important to the brand and marketing. “In this case, in terms of financial planning, discipline, and action to enable their long-term life goals, the #startnow campaign aims to “influence a shift in inertia-centric customer behavior among the younger audience.

It definitely makes sense to reach the millennial demographic, but because of the attributes on offer or because of the “tax-saving” advantages, they are buying life plans.

What stand-up comedians are doing beautifully is creating comedy around flaws, buggering up both of us, and that’s when the humor comes in.

This improvement in connectivity is attributed to the present generation, which is more robust and optimistic than its predecessor.

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