BBH creates a campaign for Borosil’s Vision Glass


For the Borosil Vision glass campaign, the consumer goods firm Borosil and BBH worked together on a multi-purpose glassware collection. The ‘Life Ke Har Din Ke Liye’ campaign highlights the distinct advantages of Borosil’s vision through the journey from infancy to maturity by chronicling the protagonist ‘Raghu’s life.

With the well renowned slim shape, the film accentuates the famous Borosil Vision Glass. Made from 100% borosilicate, the glass is highly temperature-resistant, chemically inert and mechanical stress-resistant, making it robust and multifunctional.

In 1962, Borosil was established as a public limited company in purchasing an existing industrial and engineering company established by Dr Lele, Industrial & Engineering Apparatus Company Ltd. The name is based on the company’s major product category borosilicate glass. The firm starts marketing under the name ‘Borosil’. Corning Glass Works in the United States has joined Borosil Ltd as a Technical and Financial Collaborator. Borosil begins to use the Corning brand as well. In 1970, Corning becomes the dominant stakeholder. As its debut consumer product, Borosil develops the famous Vision Glass, which quickly becomes India’s most loved and recognised glass.

This famous Vision glass set from Borosil is constructed entirely of Borosilicate Glass. It is resistant to severe temperatures and may be used from the fridge to the oven. It is incredibly lightweight, easy to clean, and adaptable. These glasses may be used to serve liquids as well as sweets. Vison glasses may be used to organise make-up or paintbrushes on your dressing table or study table.

With its elegant design, the film emphasises the iconic Borosil Vision Glass. The glass, which is made entirely of borosilicate, is extremely heat resistant, chemically inert, and resistant to mechanical shock, making it versatile and long-lasting. In addition, unlike ordinary soda-lime glasses, the Vision Glass keeps clarity after repeated use. The picture is set to a hummable soundtrack, lending it a vintage vibe.

“The goal of the campaign was to highlight the flexibility of the famous ‘Vision Glasses’ and how they’ve endured the test of time,” said Barnali Shankar, Sr General Manager, Marketing, Consumer Products, Borosil Limits. The glasses are still as popular and relevant in everyday life now as they were when they have originally introduced 40 years ago. I believe BBH was able to convey this message to clients of all generations through the tale in a compelling and heartfelt manner.”

“By narrating the narrative of Raghu’s life, we were able to tip our heads to the iconic design of the Borosil Vision glass, which was first released in 1970,” said Nivedita Agashe, Creative Director, BBH India. Apart from highlighting the much-loved and recognised design, the tale also enabled us to seamlessly concentrate on important range features like multi-functionality and durability.

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