Bharti Airtel makes first move in raising tariffs


Bharti Airtel, the country’s second-largest mobile operator, on Thursday took the first step to raise prices by announcing a price increase for its already paid customers. The margin is expressive – 50% – in the business sector, where around 60% of the company uses payroll.

Although paid users represent only 5% of the total number of companies that register the company, in terms of the revenue they contribute around 20% and are the main members of Arpu. The average revenue per user (Arpu) of the company, therefore, will arise as a result of this action. At the end of the March quarter, Bharti’s Arpu was Rs 145, the highest in the industry.

The move is seen as smart, but also prudent for raising questions in an environment where Jio makes no effort to raise starting salaries, other investors are reluctant because their salaries have already been paid. And Jio. Postpaid is an integral part of any customer turnover, especially in the development sector, so raising prices is a safer option and at the same time increases transparency.

Approximately 50-60% of these registrants are business owners, with 34% of registrants located in Metropolitan Area Three and the other 36% in Circle A City.

For consumer companies that have many connections made by companies, Bharti has discontinued the basic Rs 199-month plan as well as the Rs 249 plan, and these plans are starting from Rs 299.

For retailers – representing 40% of Bharti’s credit base – the plan start remains at 399 per month, while the Rs 749 family plan provided several connections. Two SIMs are missing. This automatically makes the next family plan – Rs 999 per month – the initial plan. Now the first four SIM networks provided have been reduced to three. The additional SIM fee has also increased from Rs 249 to Rs 299, but monthly data has increased from 10GB to 30GB.

The company said that subscribers who used the Rs 749 family plan, which offers dual SIM connections, can still opt for the Rs 399 plan and get a single connection surcharge for Rs 299. An equal mix is possible on all other plans. For example, for a family plan of Rs 999, an additional SIM can be obtained for Rs 299 for a family of four.

The crash and failure of the postpaid sector may result in the past, Jio had a Rs 199 postpaid plan with a 60% discount on Bharti’s basic postpaid plan for over two years, but postpaid customers Bharti Bharti. information not seen on the skin. However, organizing the basic payroll has increased spending over the past two years.

Similarly, Vodafone Idea has seen a 34% drop in its total customers over the past two years, while its paid customer base has dropped just under 10% in this period. In fact, in the postpaid segment, Vodafone has a higher sales share than Bharti.

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