Big FM enters the commercial space with the launch of ‘Big Living’


BIG FM has captivated a wide audience through its comprehensive approach to all platforms and introduced this platform- ‘Big Living’ where products are designed for consumers who care for themselves and the environment and want to live a sustainable life.

 With this in mind, each phase of the BIG Living donation is designed to address the needs of a responsible citizen.

It connects consumers to a network of like-minded products, artists, and designers who share the same philosophy of sustainable living. It provides a broad platform to bring forward the rich diversity and creative skills that our country offers.

Each product is specially selected by competent RJs from the BIG FM family. BIG Living is another brilliant feather of BIG FM’s gold helmets whose purpose of driving is to meet the needs of viewers and participants. I

t empowers brands to extend their history to other markets and builds a community of people who believe in the product.

Commenting on the launch, Abraham Thomas, chief executive officer, Reliance Broadcast Network, said, “We are delighted to present our latest BIG Living contribution to our audience and audience. In the last year, as our strong digital history grows rapidly, it is a natural progression to engage in public commerce to build brand awareness and product resilience thus entering into another source of revenue.

A sustainable life is the future and we BIG FM do our part to recognize and protect our environment.

BIG FM has always been a pioneer in meeting the needs of its viewers and we are proud to be entering a wider range, expanding our vision to our listeners.

BIG Living shall serve brands and producers as a platform, and focus on contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities.”

BIG Living has a wide range of products that offer a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of all types of living needs intelligently and holistically.

The ‘Health and Wellness’ section will have a list of products specially selected to keep your mind and body cool and cool.

The ‘Restore’ section will help you bring a smile and happiness to someone’s life. Their ‘Local Performance’ section is to encourage all local businesses and develop their products through the platform.

In addition, its ‘Workshop’ section will feature a selection of personal growth sessions and skills development.

It will also showcase its best from the heart and its excellent creativity with its category of ‘Artists and Designers’.

With a 360° campaign, the social media website is highly developed across all BIG FM communication platforms and partner forums.

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