Bournvita biscuits guarantee ‘More Taakat To You’


After profitably making room for itself as India’s ideal wholesome biscuit brand, Bournvita Biscuits recently rolled out its new proposal, ‘More Taakat* To You’.

Today’s parents are on a permanent search for products that can deliver the right amount of nutrition for their kids and the much-required strength to get through the day. The campaign ‘More Taakat* To You’ features this beautifully and the role Bournvita Biscuits can play in meeting the nutritional needs of kids who want to constantly challenge themselves and do more.

Speaking about the campaign Sunainika Singh, Director – Biscuits & Bakes, Marketing, Mondelez India, stated that Bournvita Biscuits have become the preferred morning bite enriched with the wholesome taste of Cadbury Bournvita since their launch in 2016. However, with changing times, they understood that kids today want to do a lot more and require extra nutrition to keep them going through the day. Addressing this, their new campaign appealed to parents looking for nutritious all-day snacking options while bringing to life the brand’s latest campaign—‘More Taakat* To You’.

Setting the idea to action, the TVC opens with a conversation between an appealing mother-daughter duo in a car. While the daughter is curious and asks about the guarantee of iron and calcium in Bournvita Biscuits, the mother shines with a reassuring smile and continues to drive. The film then moves to an indoor rock climbing set-up wherein the daughter takes a courageous leap towards another rock to reach the top, only to look back at her mom, smiling back. At this very moment, the mother immediately asks if her question has been answered, bringing back the focus to the nutritional value of the biscuits.

Ramakrishnan Hariharan (Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy India) added that “More taakat to you” is an expression of support and encouragement. It is like saying more power to you’ to someone in need of that extra little motivation. That kind of encouragement, coming from a mother for her child, is based on product delivery and, at the same time, sets a modern tone of voice. He said simply that it was the main product promise that had helped them craft a convincing brand promise. They aimed to forge a connection with young mothers and, more importantly, their go-getter children.

This latest campaign is held up by a high-decibel integrated marketing campaign including disruptive outdoor activations, partnerships with leading online platforms, influencer engagement, and strategic engagement on social media channels.

Bournvita Biscuits in its new form are available on all online and offline channels and are priced at INR 10 for 46.5 gms.

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