Warner Music India and vishesh film shape Bollywood music


Warner music India and vishesh film tie-up to make music of Bollywood filled by young audiences. Bollywood music is loud all over the world. It might have been known by Warner music India. To deliver the soundtrack by containing it, the young audiences needed to upgrade the taste of the music says warner music.  

For a warm opening, warner and vishesh films released two soundtracks from the two movies, Awarpan, and dhokha. Warner music allows the variety of songs on the plate to have it like a luxury dinner. Young audiences need to fill in, whereas old school fellows already occupied half of the crowd. 

The tracks from Awarpan “tho Phir Aao” and Tera mera Rishta were unique on the line. The upbeat track went top of the chart in 2007. And next track film, Dhoka-kabtuje, and Roya expands the infectious to all the Bollywood music lovers. This journey from the entire world-class music, warner music now entered in India, India has so many languages. Every language has its own musical style. Warner music’s next step will be finding audiences through the language and merging them with solid sound. 

Sakshi batt, director of vishesh film, said: ” This new hand we have held will last longer. The friendship with warner music is made it landed on the harmonica in the Theme. This song is immortal but saying that never makes it worth though, but share can be. We have more and more opportunities for audiences and ourselves. We can stay longer inside will never let us down.” 

Jay Mehta, Managing Director of Warner Music, said: “South Asian Associational Regional (SAARC) is in the main domain to we achieve in music revolution. The firm of being a friend with Indian music started well. We hope that we will find more ways to connect with India. Not only with Bollywood but all Indian music. this delightful partnership works with enthusiasm and will have a chart-busting time often. 

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