Bumble shares dating trends you can expect in 2022


It’s very tough to maintain a healthy relationship but one such relation can make your living positive and productive. So here’s Bumble for you to find out your connection.

About the app: Bumble, the dating app which has released its predictions of the top rising and upcoming trends that will help a person to define dating this new year.

While this year has brought them a return of some much-loved pre-pandemic behavior and their perception towards the future of dating that holds many new and welcomed shifts.

From planning virtual dates to adopting video chats to connect with people pandemic has brought a lot of changes for daters.

Around 71% of people on Bumble in India are eagerly waiting and are ready to hit the reset button of their dating journey this new year.

Due to the pandemic, most people have now prioritized finding themselves a good partner who is more emotionally available. More than half of the people on Bumble say that the pandemic has changed their perspective towards relationships and what are the qualities they are looking for in a partner.

While these days dating isn’t taken super seriously. The pandemic has made almost half of the people question that who is the type of person with whom they want to share the rest of their life.

Bumble in India has been planning their dates around their new hobbies. They feel that this is an easy way to get back into dating post-lockdown by doing something you already love and it’s a great way to connect over shared interests!

The trend of consciously uncoupling: We’ve all heard that people these days are more into ‘uncoupling’ but on the other hand for a few of them 2022 is all about finding that someone and not just anyone.

The pandemic has made more than half of us realize that it’s OK to be alone for a while. Looking ahead, people are consciously deciding to be single, with the majority of single people being more mindful and intentional in how and when they date.

For a better dating experience ahead of 2022, Bumble has recently launched a new look for its user’s dating profiles and came up intending to make a meaningful connection. And now people can view a person’s bio and their interests right from the beginning, which includes someone’s pronouns as well.

With these updates, Bumble expects to make it easier for their users to make the first move.

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