Nilon’s light bulb bottle for fizzy drink features a Mentos connection


Apart from just holding the merchandise in place and carrying functional information, like ingredients, price, quantity, etc., the packaging also holds several other responsibilities. This makes it a well-thought-out feature of the brand.

The previous week, leading food brand Nilon’s launched Cheers, its first fizzy beverage, in an unusual light bulb-shaped PET bottle. We decided to require a deeper check out how the brand zeroed in on the packaging’s design aspect.

Generally, Soda bottles are of a vertically elongated shape, with a tapered neck and a screw-on cap. they’re covered by an opaque plastic label, with some parts of the contents showing. Several aspects enter designing the bottle, like how it fits within the hand, temperature control, the flow of the contents while distribution, pouring, and storage friendliness, etc.

Given the long-standing presence of those bottles within the consumer market, it’s only obvious that the industry has received a commonly accepted norm. most popular fizzy beverage brands, including those from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, have cursed with the elongated form across price points. It’s an equivalent for many non-fizzy drinks also.

Dipak Sanghvi, director of Nilon’s, says that there wasn’t a group packaging in mind before having a market-ready product.

Cheers portfolio puts forth various flavors like amla, kokum, ginger, jeera, lemon, and orange. Nilon claims that its drinks are healthier than the prevailing alternatives. they’re low on sugar and have more real fruit content. The beverages are launched with a Rs 25 tag (200 ml), a touch above the competition.

“We wanted to supply the special and good product, with a high fruit pulp content,” Sanghvi says.

He point out that the brands generally launch such beverages for the mass market, starting at the Rs 10 price point. The challenging Rs 10 pricing forces the brands to seem for options that are the foremost convenient to pack and may be distributed across the country in truckloads.

Both the bottle and therefore the labels are designed by M&C Saatchi (Delhi).

“We are fixing about 17-18 percent of the pulp, watching an extended-term benefit. the planet is moving towards healthier options and therefore the consumers shouldn’t hesitate in consuming the merchandise even after a few years. We are offering an answer to the buyer, and not a Rs 10 product,” Sanghvi mentions.

While the ‘pulp’ factor is for health, the fizz was added to usher in excitement and also appeal to the youth. The addition of fizz also got out the usage of -pof tetra packs.

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