Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages arranges 100 Oxygen Concentrators


HCCB, one of India’s largest FMCG firms, has created a national CoVID Care Plan to help the community at a time when the country is dealing with a massive crisis.

The corporation recently purchased 100 oxygen concentrators from Germany to assist the country in dealing with an imminent shortage of oxygen in hospitals. The majority of these concentrators have already been installed in many government hospitals around the country by state district administrations.

In addition, HCCB has set up 25 oxygen concentrators for its employees and their families throughout the company’s factories and offices.

HCCB is providing financing to NGOs in Eastern India so that they can purchase fresh oxygen cylinders as they become available. HCCB wants to install roughly 10 Oxygen Plants in the medium future, largely in government hospitals and in some cases in hospitals in cities with extremely high test positive rates.

HCCB will also donate ventilators, ICU beds, ICU equipment, BiPAP machines, and other medical emergency supplies to hospitals that are struggling to cope with the influx of CoVID patients.

In addition, the HCCB has begun giving dry ration packs to the poor and underserved. It is also providing free beverages at vaccination facilities and to frontline employees – nurses, health workers, police, ambulance staff, ASHA workers, and others – who are serving the community in dry heat or humid conditions. Additionally, Georgia tea and coffee machines are being put inside CoVID care wards at some hospitals, mostly for the benefit of the medical personnel, upon request.

The corporation has offered governments the option of converting any of its idle factories or health centers into Covid Care Centers or immunization clinics, as needed. To aid the government’s efforts, the corporation will make its infrastructure, such as drinking water, electricity, and refrigeration equipment, available.

HCCB has also taken several steps to assist its employees in dealing with the physical, mental, and financial stress brought on by the pandemic’s abrupt second wave. As an emergency step, the business has arranged for 25 imported Oxygen Concentrators to be put at various sites across the country for convenient access.

Vaccination drives are facilitated by the company when practicable and dependent on vaccine availability. HCCB has also established a ‘Covid Loan’ fund as a backup to the existing health insurance policy to cover the costs of crucial medicines and hospital admissions.

HCCB is also establishing a Covid Relief Fund to channel the company’s employees’ voluntary contributions to the families of afflicted coworkers.

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