Bumble’s campaign to navigate their community through new rules of dating


Bumble, a Social interacting app has launched a campaign with two creative films ‘Take a Hint’ and ‘The First Move’. The integrated campaign aimed at the community to navigate the new rules of dating, and encourage them to make the first move because sinking in love is still an exciting possibility in present scenarios.

The cohesive campaign encourages young generations in India to form the key move and aims to support the Bumble community to navigate the new rules of dating in these challenging periods. The campaign extends across various touchpoints including five cardinal films, which capture diverse stories of virtual and socially-distanced dating.

We all know that healthy relations are fundamental to living a constructive and productive life. Bumble could be a social network that permits you to feel empowered while you create those connections, whether you’re dating, trying to find friends, or growing your professional network. One first move on Bumble could change your life. Bumble may be over an app, it’s a movement. whether online or offline it inspires integrity, equality, and respect during all stages of any relationship. Bumble is where people visit to find out how to ascertain and maintain healthier connections

Nearly six years and countless Bumble weddings and babies later, they are a community of over a hundred million across 6 landmasses. They have also celebrated 1.5 billion first moves and it has now grown far beyond a dating app into a networking platform, allowing people of all genders to create empowered connections in all told areas of their lives, whether which means people seeking an idealistic relationship on Bumble Date, making new friendships on it, or growing their professional network on Bumble Bizz. The extend of usage of this podium is actually immeasurable. Bumble commenced the campaign with the primary film, ‘For your eyes only’ in November, followed by ‘A Helping Paw’. Additionally, the app has combined with a sturdy set of influencers across India to support its community to create the prime mover and forge telling connections furthermore as out of home-based branding in shopping malls in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune. Even though the dating voyage might be a little bouncy, the network is growing and mounting


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